PHP object mocking framework world: PHPUnit and Prophecy


12 Reasons Your API Sucks


Frontend performance: beginner to expert to insanity


use RUM Tool

Doctrine ORM Good Practices and Tricks

Marco Pivetta

Node.js Authentication and data security


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PHPUnit 5, PHP 7, and Beyond


Javascript Forensic


Crafting evolvable web API representations


Just married: Node.js and PHP


You Don’t Know Node.js





Node.js Patterns: From Callbacks to Observer


Robust two-factor authentication



Bringing web development to the physical world


Comment proteger les applications mobiles?

Speeding up the world with PHP 7





Security theatre


Build RESTful APIs easily with Symfony


Database architecture for SaaS


Practical Git for developers


Hanging out in real time with

Kirie Kontosstathis

websocket protocol

Sockets bring light at the end of the tunnel


CSS Performance & What is the Browser doing?


My app is secure… I think


Polyglot Persistence


YOU can predict the future with Machine Learning


Python’s New Type Hints in Action… In JavaScript


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